Mysterial Woman
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Watch this video of Suzanne Anderson, founder of Mysterial Woman, to understand how these limiting beliefs play out in all of our lives...

And you will be guided by Suzanne to start into this exploration with a simple and yet potent Self-Compassion Practice.
Are you ready to discover your limiting beliefs and learn how to align more with your liberating beliefs?

This worksheet will help you to begin the practice of self-awareness and reflection and identify those beliefs running as internal programs that may be limiting you from expressing your full potentiality and living a happier, more connected, and creative life. An accompanying video will provide some context for your exploration of the worksheet.

Be sure to download the PDF and watch the full video to be guided through the five archetypes that are associated with a powerfully healing practice.

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A movement is underway.
As women discover and activate a new ‘inner operating system’, we can shift the dynamic of the hyper-masculine systems on the planet into more balance and harmony.
This operating system is the foundation of our work here.

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